BARENS April 19, 2011

20 Apr

Net control operator: AB1OD, Michael, Windsor

  1. AC1N, Josh, Bloomfield
  2. AB1LZ, Bill, Weatogue, Battery Power
  3. KB1TMU, John, Granby
  4. K1IN/M, Don, Windsor
  5. W1FTE, Skip, Granby
  6. W1SL, Woody, Bloomfield, Battery Power
  7. N1ABN, Dick, Granby


  • Josh AC1N and Bill AB1LZ both have unexpected commitments on their upcoming net control dates, and will swap assignments.
  • Josh thanked everyone for last week’s energetic meeting, and asked those members who have not paid their dues yet to please do so at their earliest convenience.
  • John KB1TMU, inquired about the status of Field Day.  Josh and Bill confirmed that we are all set for the Heublein Tower, and that the dues were intended to finance the expected recurring expenses of insurance and DEP licensing.

Net concluded at 8:15pm


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