MS Walk 2011 Re-cap

10 Apr

A great event whose communications needs were again met in part by the operators of ARES Region 3. Here are some of the pictures by AC1N of the event.

From Roger, Net Contol for the event:

April 10, 2011

Good afternoon to all:

I’d like to thank you all for your time this morning. For some of you, it was your first time helping out on the walk. We had extra people this year, and I hope you didn’t mind, doubling up at several of the rest stops. We had more walkers than usual, and there was an issue with signs being placed in the wrong places which caused confusion among the walkers. I’m hoping this gets resolved by next year. I learned a lesson to make sure my batteries are charged, although I managed to get through without needing a back up ht. WE didn’t have any true emergencies, except for the one woman who had a knee problem, and she received prompt medical attention. Also, I hope that we can have a radio operator ride with the supply truck next year. I managed to get a nice rest in after lunch, and maybe some of you did? Everybody have a great Summer, and we look forward to be working with you folks next year.

73 from
Roger k1pai


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