BARENS March 15, 2011

15 Mar

AB1LZ Bill, Weatogue – Net Control

  1. W1FTE – Skip Granby – working with a new Ham to set up some sort of session with 25 people.  Not sure if he needs help
  2. AB1OD – Michael Windsor
  3. KB1KCB – Cliff, Bloomfield
  4. K1PAI – Roger Wethersfield – MS Walk coming up on April 10. Sky Warn Practice Net on Thursday nights at 9:00 on 146.790
  5. N1ABN – Dick Granby
  6. KB1SWR – I could not hear this station through the static
  7. W1SL – Woody, Bloomfield

AB1LZ: I apologize for the sketchy details.  I was getting significant static whenever the repeater transmitted.  I think I had more power into the repeater than it had coming out to me.  30 vs.8.  I hope everyone could hear me. I suspect that I may have a local noise source swamping the repeater signal when the repeater opens my squelch.  I tested with both the .790 and .345, and had no problems with the higher level signals.  I received good signal reports on the 147.345 and no response from the 146.790.


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