146.82 Repeater

Current Status

August 24, 2011: The Repeater is Operational with replacement antennas – 146.820(-) offset, NO pl.

Location and Use

Our repeater is located on top of Talcott Mountain in central Connecticut. The repeater is open to all amateurs licensed technician and up, and is accessible without a PL, standard negative offset (receives on 146.220 MHz), and transmits on 146.820 MHz.

The repeater supports our BARENS weekly net, ARES emergency communications coordination for Bloomfield, school demonstrations, and regular ragchews between amateurs in the area.

Protocol During an Outage

Sometimes repeaters fail – the backup batteries empty or generators run out of fuel.

The protocol for W1CWA is to use the output frequency in SIMPLEX mode during a repeater outage. Disable the auto-repeater split on your radio if enabled so you are listening AND transmitting on 146.820. No PL is needed for simplex operation.

Coverage Area

The repeater coverage area as measured corresponds well to that predicted by the SPLAT path loss prediction software. If you are in the yellow you should be able to hear the repeater reasonably well with an HT outside. If you are using an HT inside, you will have better luck in the red or orange zones (1oo dB or better).

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